Sponge Morphology

Boury-Esnault N and Ruetzler K (editors). 2007. Thesaurus of Sponge Morphology. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology Number 596. 55 pages, 306 figures.
Download from the Smithsonian Institution

Electronic Version of the Thesaurus of Sponge Morphology

Sponge Courses

Materials for the STRI course “Taxonomy and Ecology of Caribbean Sponges” are located here.

Sponges of the Caribbean

Drs. Diaz, van Soest, Ruetzler, and Guerra have compiled a list of sponge taxa reported from the Caribbean. Download it here.

A matrix of sponge species reported from 6 Caribbean locations has been compiled by Dr. Cristina Diaz and is available for download here:
Species composition matrix of sponges from mangrove and coral reef habitats from six Caribbean localities. Diaz, M.C. February 2011.

Interactive Identification Guide to South Florida Sponges

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